Subcontractor to Partner 7 (IfLS)


In Germany:
Obere Hauptstrasse 29
D-85354  Freising
Tel.: 08161/41315   Fax: 08161/41325

In France:
3 rue du Cheval Vert
F-34000  Montpellier
Tel. / Fax: +33(0)467584227
Mobil: +33(0)608487963

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ECOZEPT is dealing with two main topics within the field of sustainable land-use.
ECOZEPT is developing management concepts for land-use in drinking-water protection zones and nature reserves. Our main instruments to contribute to a better maintenance of natural resources are scientific evaluation of the status quo (calculation of ecological and economic costs), identification of possible problems and conflicts, development of suitable measures as, i.e., co-operative agreements and voluntary contracts.
ECOZEPT is, as well, engaged into marketing of regional, typical and ecological / organic produce. In collaboration with public administrations, NGOs and private enterprises of the food-branch ECOZEPT provides intelligence services, market research and marketing concepts for sustainable food products. Applying modern research methods, ECOZEPT realised more than a dozen different projects on various aspects of the organic food market.

Role in the project

As subcontractor of P7 (IfLS, Frankfurt University) ECOZEPT is co-designing and conducting the research activities in Germany (literature review for the WP 2 and 3 reports, case studies).
Furthermore, ECOZEPT is partly responsible for the national seminars and the public relations of the project.

Scientific personnel involved

Dr. Burkhard Schaer
Dipl.-Ing (FH) Claudia Strauch