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Baltic Studies Centre

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About Baltic Studies Centre

Baltic Studies Centre (BSC) is a private research organisation, established in 1991 that specialises in sociological research, project consultation and project evaluation. The areas of the BSC expertise include - management of social transformations, Latvia’s integration into the European Union, institutional and organisational development, rural development and sustainable agriculture, development of small and medium-size enterprises, labour market analysis, policy analysis, education and youth, and ethnic relations.

The BSC has experience in researching rural and regional development, post-socialism transformations in countryside, reconstruction and new development trends in agricultural sector. Its activities include a consulting service for the World Bank Latvia Rural Development Project Management Unit, concerning the situation in medium-size business sector in Latvia, attitudes of SMEs towards banks and financing and the role of local action groups in implementation of Latvia Rural Development Project (1998-1999). Recent reference projects include: EU joint research project "Transformation of Rural Communications" (2002-2004), "Democratic and integrated regional development" (2000-2001, funded by Open Society Institute Budapest), PHARE project "Integrated Development Plan for the Latgale Region of Latvia" (1998-2000), "Making Agriculture Sustainable: Role of Farmers Networking and Institutional Strategies" (1997-2000, funded by European Commission DG XII / SEER), "Economic and Social Conditions in Rural Latvia – Latvia Rural Survey" (1996-1997).

Another field of the BSC’s research activities is related to the development of civic society and NGO sector in Latvia. It has carried out several research projects concerning partnership, corporate philanthropy, NGOs relations with private sector, local governments and media as well as evaluation of NGO forums and the implementation of the UNDP program "Partners in Development" in Latvia (1998, 1999). From 2000 to 2003 the BSC has performed an action research within British DFID project in support of regional and rural development in Baltic countries "Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Project in the Baltic Countries".

The BSC experience in social policy research has been built up through successful implementation of the projects on "Policies and Measures in Support of the Family and Enhancement of the Birth Rate" (1998), and several minor projects about the role of NGOs in integrating socially vulnerable and disadvantaged groups (1998). Other recent reference projects include: "Public Attitudes and Awareness towards Social Insurance" (1999), "Public Information Component for Regional Waste Management Project", performed for the World Bank (1998), International Social Survey Programme modules "Religion" (1998), "Work Orientations" (1997), "The Role of Government" (1996), "National Identity" (1995). BSC has performed for the Delegation of the European Commissions in Latvia a survey on "Public Access to EU Information" (1998), which assisted the Delegation and the European Integration Bureau to prepare a public information campaign.

BSC researchers have taken part in preparation of the annual Latvia Human Development Reports (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000/2001, 2003) published by the UNDP.

Role in the project

Baltic Studies Centre contributes to the implementation of all the work packages of the project. It is the responsible partner for the development of dissemination plan. Together with P1 and P5 the BSC will edit a scientific book about the potential role of new food supply chains in sustainable rural development. Besides the specific sociological research qualities, Baltic Studies Centre is of value added to the consortium as it can give policy recommendations regarding the enlargement of the EU (specifically the integration of the Baltic countries).

Scientific personnel involved

Prof. Talis Tisenkopfs
Prof. Aija Zobena
M.A. Anita Kalnina
M.A. Sandra Sumane