Countryside and Community
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University of Gloucestershire
Countryside and Community Research Unit

Dunholme Villa
The Park
Cheltenham, GL50 2RH
United Kingdom

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About the Countryside and Community Research Unit (CCRU)

The Countryside and Community Research Unit (CCRU) is one of the leading specialist rural research centres. It was formed in 1988, originating from the Department of Town and Country Planning at the Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education. It has since developed considerably in all aspects of research in policy and planning for the countryside and the environment of the UK, Europe and, increasingly, further afield.
The CCRU has developed a clear focus of undertaking work funded through research grants and other research contracts. This has been both to provide a solid income base for growth, and to ensure the relevance of its work to its client community. Such funding has required the Unit to work as a commercial organisation operating largely on a self-funded basis although remaining clearly within the higher education sector. This commercial way of working, where the Unit responds directly to client needs, remains the central income source for the Unit. All work undertaken by the Unit is quality assured and considered for its ethical appropriateness by the College's Research Ethics Committee.
The CCRU has current programmes of research in agriculture and the environment, rural community development, environmental planning, rural leisure and rural society.

Role in the project

The CCRU is the UK partner of the SUS-CHAIN team and co-ordinator of Workpackage 2 a macro level analysis of food supply chain dynamics.

Scientific personnel involved

Prof. Bill Slee
Carolyn Foster
Dr. James Kirwan