Workplan: general description

To address the objectives and achieve the expected results, a workplan consisting of five, partly consecutive and partly parallel, phases (which each consist of one or more workpackages) has been designed; see table below.
The workplan has been divided into these phases, as each phase corresponds with one or two (in case of phase 4) milestone(s).

Phases Short characterisation Workpackages Milestones Months
1. Performance indicators
Development and fine tuning of food supply chain performance indicators 1 1 0-22
2. State of the art
The diversity and dynamics of food supply chains and consumers' attitudes 2 & 3 2 2-10
3. Case studies
Micro-level assessment of the socio-economic performance of food supply chains 4, 5 & 6 3 10-26
4. Recommendations
Recommendations for policy makers at regional, national and European level and for food supply chain stakeholders 7 4 & 5 27-34
5. Dissemination and feedback Dissemination of results to and feedback on provisional results by the academic and professional public 8 6 6-36

In the figure below the relations and interaction between the different phases is presented:

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